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Dongguan City, two Jiang Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. is the two rivers in Dongguan, the establishment of the production company, the company now has a team of more than 10 years of elite industry team, to provide you with professional products and services.
The company now has more than one precision coating machine, dry multi-machine, wet compound machine and more than one Taiwan Cutter. Professional production, sales, processing: PP synthetic paper, pearl synthetic paper, synthetic paper stickers, gold and silver cardboard, laser film white cardboard, aluminum film white cardboard, pearl paper, PET / aluminum foil color cardboard, aluminum foil Synthetic paper, laser synthetic paper, aluminum composite paper, aluminum foil PVC film, laser PVC film, aluminum foil film, aluminum foil PET film, laser PET film, aluminum PET film and other products. External processing Zhisu composite, plastic composite, Zhisu dyeing, Zhisuzhijie, and other processing business.
   We uphold the "people-oriented, unity and cooperation, innovation, development, win-win" concept of business, to provide customers with assured products!
   Our development is inseparable from your trust and support, we look forward to working with you hand in hand!